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středa 27. dubna 2011

My inspiration in 20s and 60s last century :)

This is my vision of connection two decades 20th and 60th. I love Coco Chanel style and alsoTwiggy and Andy Warhol :)Always chic and gorgeous :)I really love pearls and also
headbands.I love Leopard print clothes. I used in this look leopard print coat,Twiggy necklace from London and Nice mini dress from Manchester.

                                                      I hope that You like my style :)


2 komentáře:

Camille-Stella řekl(a)...

Ofcourse I like your style !
Good inspirations ! Twiggy and Gabrielle Chanel are totally representative of Fashion and probably the most emblematic women of their times...
I can't speak in a very good English so far, so I'm going to stop here. :)))

Love your blog,.

Ps : Nice dress !!!

Margareta Victoria řekl(a)...

Many Thanx Camille-Stella, I am happy to see there You and Your comment and I am happy that You love my Blog xoxo