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čtvrtek 12. května 2011

My inspiration in Factory Girl

If is not this movie, maybe our generation dont know who is Edie Sedgwick. I saw this movie a couple time and I must write that I really love style of 60s. I love gorgeous earrings, great style of clothes and also make-up is cool and I think that Edie Sedgwick was and for me is still great fashion icon.


This film is about Andy Warhol and his inspiration, which he found in Edie Sedwick. He inspirated me as well. I love pop art :) I am proud because he is partly Slovakian:) If someone do pop art portraits please let me know. I would like to have some portrait.

Andy Warhol

Andy and Edie

Andy met Edie in January 1965.

His first famous Art work - Cambell soup

Andy also made many short films, there is one:

Portrait Marylin Monroe

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Divina Joy řekl(a)...

I also love the fashion of the 60's. Their style back then is coming back. Stripes, polka dots, etc. Lovin' 'em.

I am your follower.


Margareta Victoria řekl(a)...

Thank You Divina :)I also following You :)

Haze řekl(a)...

Great post, love pop art and Andy Warhol. I've always wanted pop art in my room.


"this fashion lark." řekl(a)...

Edie is like a little fashion icon, I love her x

Megumi Nagumo řekl(a)...

Hi Margaret! I love your posts and thanks for lots of inspiration <3

New posts here :)

PAPS řekl(a)...

Yes Edie is a fashion icon. I agree with you.
love the finds.

joannade řekl(a)...

very nice. love this photo of marylin. i have it on my blog too.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Passion/127087060700971 - FASION PASSION because we all love to be a little fashion victims! :)